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Best tools for employee training and E-Learning tools?

E-Learning tools

Whether by technology E-Learning or by the methodology and educational strategy, distance education is certainly the educational segment that is in greater development.

 Every year more companies surrender to the use of distance education technologies to qualify and train their teams. But do you know how they work or what are the best tools for your company?

Before talking about the tools,  the difference between EAD and E-Learning.

EaD is the teaching modality in which the E-Learning teacher and student are not in a geographic space. These are examples of telecourses or online lectures, where the specialist and the teacher do not necessarily need to be in the same place.

 E-Learning, on the other hand, is the distance education modality in which the student receives the content electronically, that is, technology is used to transmit knowledge and improve the performance of a professional.

 This modality depends entirely on the use of the internet on devices such as computers, tablets or cell phones. Usually, the content is made available on a website where the student can access it from anywhere at any time.

 Classes can be recorded or live, through discussion forums and other methodologies.

 Now you must be wondering what is the best E-Learning platform to apply training in my company.

 Well, there is no such thing as the best platform, in which case what you are looking for are online training companies. In this case, there is not the best one either, but the one that best fits the proposal and objective, as well as the courses sought by your company.

 How to assess whether employee E-Learning training is paying off

E-Learning tools


Finally, I want to remind you of the importance of training evaluation.

 According to a study published by the Exame portal, companies invest more than US$ 200 billion in training. However, we cannot assume that investing is enough, after all, measuring results is as important a task as providing the right training.

 The first reason to measure the results of business training is to find out if the money invested is being used in the right places.

 Remember when I talked about offering E-Learning training thinking about solving the company’s gaps? It is precisely about applying the correct training so that eventually there is the desired return.  

 This will help in the process of directing E-Learning development programs, giving the organization the opportunity to plan them better. But how to evaluate if the applied training is giving the desired return?

 There are a number of methodologies that can assist in the evaluation of training, below I will list some that can help you in this task:

 Apply test to assess E-Learning learning;

  • Make an essay review;
  • Apply effectiveness assessment;
  • Conduct a satisfaction survey;
  • Apply behavioral assessment;
  • Calculate stock ROI.


How about getting your hands dirty right now? Don’t forget to tell us the results.

I believe that with this article E-Learning it became clear how a good people training and development program is capable of providing positive impacts on your company’s results, and that is precisely what has been increasingly valued.

 Now you understand the difference between E-Learning training and development, as well as the importance of training programs and the benefits it brings to companies.

 Don’t forget to set up a schedule with the diagnoses of your needs, outline the objectives, decide on the best methodology and measure the results for your company.

 When you manage to achieve this equation, results emerge as a natural consequence.


Conducting workshops or lectures E-Learning is a common practice that most companies have been using for a few years now.

 In general, this type of training is brief and has a specific focus that is given by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

 Workshops can be in person or online and have certification for participants that can serve as an excellent space for personal growth in E-Learning.


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